About Us


Nesan Triko, founded 1991 in Istanbul by Neriman Akgun, is a globally operating men and women knitwear company offering a broad range of fashion and accessories. Our collections cater for every occasion, appeal to the most varied target groups, and satisfy the most exacting demands.

A professional and dedicated management, supported by close to 200 qualified staff in our group in Istanbul, ensures that the excellent quality of our products and the high level of service we offer to all our customers is being maintained and improved where necessary. Our vision is to satisfy our customers by supplying individual products of high quality at affordable prices, locally and worldwide.

This dedication and drive have turned our company into a force to be reckoned with in the world of suppliers.

NESAN offers a quality conscious production and therefore enable international companies to benefit from our expertise and experience in the Turkish knitwear industry, which after China is the second biggest supplier of apparel to Europe.

Who we Are?

Since its very first years, the vision of NESAN has been to transcend the borders of Turkey, create global customer portfolios, and obtain a remarkable position in the international knitwear producers level. Export has become a vision on this route and our products are achieved by vanguard and leading brands directing fashion world. For achieving this target, we focused on adopting the same object as all team, forming the most effective substructure, investing in human resources, and determining correct marketing strategies.

On the other hand, the mission of NESAN is to introduce the most trendy and highest quality valuable products to his local and international customers at best prices with best service and quality.

NESAN Group’s production excellence works in harmony with its disciplined business approach. The mission of the company can be summarized as; to transcend the boundaries of Turkey and gain important place on the international suppliers platform. In order for us to accomplish this task, we will apply different strategies in different local markets worldwide, working either with agencies and showrooms for the retail market, or directly with our marketing team.
  • Fast sampling procedure
  • Competitive prices
  • Comprehensive yarn sourcing network
  • Extensive know - how
  • Acceptable delivery dates
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Premium quality products